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Join the energy of Your Talisman and bring Your intention into Matter.

Each Jewel honors and strengthens the part of the body in which we wear it, in its deepest and most symbolic meaning.

Wearing a necklace. Talisman, made of stones and crystals or with symbols, not only brings the energy it infuses into us, but spreads it outwards from us: towards our exterior plane: our REALITY:

in fact the 5th Chakra, or Throat Chakra, has the function of bringing our interior to the exterior, just like it does with words.

Our arms symbolize our Making, 

Wearing a Bracelet brings the Energy of the Talisman directly into the Matter, in Realizing, in bringing our Intention to follow the Mission of our SOUL, realizing our Intentions in Reality.

Il  our FEELING, leads us to DOING, which will result in BEING.